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By Eddie Smyth

For a day ride in the West Midlands you only need a little knowledge of escape routes from the cities and ring roads and before you realise it you are chomping along lovely quiet roads with vistas to the west promising verdant hills and vales, tucked away villages with more character than modernised towns have speed bumps. Continue reading »…

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After a year away the world’s ‘coolest’ motorbike event is back and promising more crashes, splashes and Russian vodka shots than ever… If you’re looking for a biking adventure next year, how about riding 2000km over and around Planet Earth’s deepest lake? Lake Baikal in Russia is the oldest and deepest (it’s just over a [...]

During 2016 Louis Moto came out with an upgrade to their popular Vanucci HiRider II riding suit, aptly named it the HiRider III which they then kindly sent to me for test and review. I’ve always loved doing this type of stuff as deep down I’m a closet geek. Before I started this website I [...]

I’m sure many of you will have heard of AirHawk Seat Cushons as they’ve been around a while now. I got one about 6 years ago to relieve the pain caused to my gluteus maximus (arse) on long days on the F800GS traveling up and down to the Alps and Pyrenees from my old base [...]

Not so long ago Louis Moto popped into my world and asked if I’d like to try some of their own brand gear. I love when I get offers like that as I’m a complete gear geek. While others are entertaining themselves watching some snoozefest on TV I’m typically glued to the Revzilla YouTube Channel [...]

Tour Route:This is a full on, 11 day, 12 night tour taking in some of the best roads Ireland has to offer as well as the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling in August. Start:Killarney on August 21st Finish:Killarney on September 2nd What is included: Prices include 11 days riding, 12 nights accommodation, SatNav with [...]

As another long cold winter comes to a close many you ye in northern Europe will looking to your next motorcycle adventure or just a simple cruise south in search of blue skies and a little headspace. If the Pyrenees or Spain is the direction your headed I’d highly recommend a little detour into your [...]

Luis Motorrad enters the Irish market with it’s new website, and with the Brexit looming and Irelands access to the UK’s far larger motorcycle gear market in doubt this can only be good timing. Having already checked out the new irish Louis Motorrad website I have to admit for me at least, they’ve made [...]

By Bryan Rogers YorkshireManx’s Belton to Baja   Day 11, Saturday.   Such an amazing sunrise over the sea of Cortez greeted us! A camera could never do it justice as the stars gave way to the sun for the day, a spot I’ll hopefully be back to one day! With the sun warming us [...]

By Bryan Rogers Isle of Man to Baja – Touring America on Honda’s clutchless NC750   Day 1, Wednesday   It’s always on the morning of a trip like this that I wake up fidgety! Have I done this? Have I done that? Just do this…. Just do that…

By Eddie Smyth Snow. It covered the hill tops, lawns and cars. It was freezing as I stepped out of the door into the blinding sunlight. I don’t fancy crossing the moorlands on two wheels to get to Dublin in these conditions, there was ice aplenty. Good job my ferry is not scheduled until 14:30.

By Eddie Smyth Today I changed back to being a lone rider following a route plan of my own making as I set off for County Wicklow for an overnight stop in a Mountain View retreat before meeting up with the ferry that brought me here to take me back to the UK.

By Eddie Smyth It looked very much like the weather would hold today. Denis had worked out that a trip to the lesser known and more remote parts of this fabulous region would top off the trio of trips. There would be little coastline to work along and I was warned that some of the [...]

By Eddie Smyth It was seriously raining after breakfast today. The view towards the hills were obliterated by low cloud and curtains of rain sweeping across the valley. We left it an hour or so hoping for the forecasted break to appear. Thankfully, it did.

By Eddie Smyth After taking three days to get from Worcestershire to Killarney, via Dublin, Westport and Kilrush I now have three more days in the company of my good friend Denis who runs the biker website, with the promise of riding some of the most glorious touring roads you could hope to imagine [...]

By Eddie Smyth It rained so had during the night I thought the TV had switched itself on and was blaring out static. I slipped out to check the bike at 08:00. It looked like a miserable puppy caught in a downpour. If only I could get it inside the hotel side door and up [...]

By Eddie Smyth It was very cold outside but the sky was clear and I was optimistic that the original forecast for day would be wrong. The forecast I’d noted every day for this coming week before I set off said it would be 100% miserable.

By Eddie Smyth The excitement, to be loaded up and leaving at 07:00 on a cold grey Saturday morning was not dampened in any way because it wasn’t damp, despite a whole week of pouring rains and icy cold mornings. Spring is very late this year and April 10th felt more like February 10th except [...]

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If you or anyone you know intend to ride (or drive) in Spain one of the biggest danger hotspots are Spanish roundabouts. Even the Spanish seem confused on how to take them, add the massive herds of tourists and expats, each navigating them as they would at home and you have a recipe for potential [...]

Here is my slightly angry biker rant for this week! How many of you are likely to sign up for this highly questionable BMW safety option? I’m having a real hard time to see the value in it but first let me tell you what this is all about before I tell you why I’m [...]

The Spanish Guardia Civil Trafico will be targeting motorcyclists in a new safety campaign over the coming months.

In the upcoming few months RoadTrooper will be opening an online store with a range of branded and well-tested t-shirts. The first design available for a purchase is RoadTrooper – Wanderlust Motorcycle Therapy branded t-shirt. All proceeds to go towards the development of the new website and the repair of my beloved 2009 F800GS [...]

Due to a recent “DOH!” moment whereupon my F800GSA fell over from it’s side stand where I’d stupidly left it during a storm I found myself in need of a new screen. Luckily the AdventureSpec F800GS Adventure Crash Bars did their job and absorbed most of the shock and protected the bike for the most [...]

Recently I had an extremely interesting and enjoyable day at the First Bike on Scene (FBoS) Emergency First Response training course. Like many folk, I’ve attended workplace First Aid training. And as a biker I’ve attended some form of advanced or extra motorcycle training skills, in my case one in France and another in Spain [...]

By Gerry Casey Nordkapp (North Cape) has been a mystical place for me since I was a boy. I remember reading a book about a car journey from North Cape to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. It was probably written in the early ‘50s. I never dreamed then that I would travel [...]

By Bernard Mc Dyre Irish translation: Inis Eoghain, meaning island of Eoghan. Eoghan Mac Neill was the son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, once High King of Ireland.

By Eddie Smyth The journey according to Google maps would cover 130 miles and take me around 2 and a half hours. But that entails all but 30 of those miles to be on the M5. I had arranged to visit an old friend in Somerset that I had not seen for almost 10 years.

By Eddie Smyth I took the bike out from its personal garage for the final time and loaded up my belongings with enough straps and bungees to foil Houdini. The two cars set off for Vimy Ridge via the main roads. I pointed the bike to the back roads towards Arras where Vimy Ridge sits [...]

By Eddie Smyth The next day was spent visiting several sites around Albert. There are so many that an attempt to stop at every one you pass will take you months. To visit them all in Northern France would be a lifetime’s work.

By Eddie Smyth A trip to the battle sites of Northern France is always a good topic of conversation for bikers as they sip ale in the cosy confines of the local pub. It’s not as far away as the Alps and certainly not as risky as a trip across the Andes.

Adventure motorcyclist Spencer Conway took on the biggest challenge of his life – to be the first motorcyclist to circumnavigate Africa. Many of you may have heard of Spencer already as more than a few newspapers and bike mags have been covering him, and he has written articles in Adventure Bike Rider (ABR) and others.

There are a few rumours floating around about what I’m up to next so here’s is the official news. I’m on the move yet again, this time I’m relocating from the Isle of Man to Killarney in the Kingdom of Kerry on Ireland’s West Coast.

I once had a fair flame named Clare in the long long ago. I’d like to think she was a real beauty but as the memory of her has long faded the reality was probably quite different as I was not overly fussy back then The County of Clare however is utterly unforgettable, and if [...]

What’s this all about you ask? UK based motorcycle gear mail order company Motolegends have built their own version of the Bonne T100 used by David Beckham on his manly, hair challanging adventure in Brazil last year. The really interesting part is that Motolegends have gone and lost their sanity and have decided to give [...]

Assuming you’re legally and physically capable of riding a motorcycle after a night in Matt Molloy’s in Westport (see previous post) this next stretch of the WAW brings you south towards Clifden and the mythical landscape of the Connemara National Park in Galway.

This excellent part of the WAW entails riding from the Donegal/Sligo border to Westport in Mayo, taking in Mullaghmore Head, Downpatrick Head, Achill Island and finishes in the most excellent party town of Westport, this is one hell of a ride. This route is approximately 600km, so if ye take on the full WAW coast [...]

Only the roving Saint Columbanus the patron saint of motorcyclists and the fairy folk know how much I love Donegal! There has always been something ancient and mythical about the place. I learned to horse ride here as a kid and the best way to see Donegal as far as I’m concerned is mounted on [...]

The Wild Atlantic Way, or Slí an Atlantaigh Fhiáin in Irish is a tourism trail that follows the Atlantic coastline from the north of Donegal to south coast of Cork. The 2,500 km (1553 miles) driving route passes through nine counties and three provinces, stretching from County Donegal’s Inishowen Peninsula to the southern town of [...]

I’ve been meaning to write a review of the Klim Badlands Pro Suit for a while and now that I’ve found the time to do so I realise a review of the jacket/pants is not enough. Sure I could just tell you how great it is but at the end of the day writing a [...]

Why the expense, and why Alpina?   In 2014 just before I shot off on my September tour from the Isle of Man to Almeria via Irelands Wild Atlantic Way and the Pyrenees I decided replace the wheels on my F800GSA for the Alpina Tubeless Wheelset. This rather costly expense raised more than a few [...]

By Eddie Smyth It’s a bit tricky finding the correct road from the West end café but we made it at the first attempt. It’s the A483 which is the road all the way to Builth Wells. This road takes on much more rugged terrain and the gullies, drops, summits and tree lined avenues have [...]

By Eddie Smyth A day ride out, from the west midlands, down lovely roads to Abergavenny and then north and west through some beautiful Welsh countryside with two target destinations, and home in time for tea. What better way is there than to spend a day on the bike. This journey would suit folk residing [...]

By Eddie Smyth The following morning we wiped the night dew from the seats on the bike and set off once more. A clear, crisp sky, full bellies from the cooked breakfast and the anticipation of another great day’s rising in these amazing dales. Our first target was the pub at Tan Hill. Not for [...]

By Eddy Smyth It was dry and cool when we loaded the bikes and set off for Malham Cove just after breakfast. We retraced our steps from the day before on the A65 until the narrow road for Malham to our left took us up and into twisting lanes along dry stone walls, remote farmsteads [...]

By Eddy Smyth We set off an hour earlier than planned. Waking up to clear blue skies and the temperature being a few degrees warmer than usual does that to you. My Bother in law, Gareth taking his sparkling new Suzuki GSX 1250FA on its first long distance run and me with my much loved [...]

By Eddie Smyth Route: 50 miles For an alternative destination the border town of Hay-On-Wye is a terrific ride with a reward at the end of an olde worlde town known for its scores of bookshops. Leaving Abergavenny on the A40 north, head for Crickhowell.

By Eddy Smyth Day 7: 230 miles traveled Hours in the saddle: 8   Day 7 – Chateaugiron, Rohan, Josselin, Ploermel and off and away to Plélin-le-Gran   We decided to head east today. Chateaugiron got rave reviews in several reference books so it seemed a good choice for a nice run along more of [...]

By Eddy Smyth Day six: 70 miles traveled Hours in the saddle: 3   Isthmus on the Cȏte Sauvage to Quiberon   A relaxed breakfast before setting off in brilliant sunshine to the very tip of the Isthmus on the Cȏte Sauvage to Quiberon. Once we were out in the open the ocean on both [...]

By Eddy Smyth Day 5: 179 miles Hours in the saddle: 7 Another clear morning despite last night’s rain. We had planned several stops today. Keeping ahead of gathering clouds was part of the plan; heading ever southward might achieve that aim. Amongst all the other nice memories and sights we’d taken in at Huelgoat [...]