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There are a few rumours floating around about what I’m up to next so here’s is the official news. I’m on the move yet again, this time I’m relocating from the Isle of Man to Killarney in the Kingdom of Kerry on Ireland’s West Coast.

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A Brave New World of FULLY BONDED Motorcycle Rental & Tours on Irelands West Coast

For those not familiar with the local I should state it’s not actually a kingdom, although it does have a king which also so happens to be a goat, yes, an actual goat! While this might sound idiotic, it’s no less idiotic than the state of world politics so I have really no problem being governed by a wild mountain goat.

Statue of King Puck in Killorgan, Co. Kerry. Puck comes from the Irish “puc” meaning male goat. Every year a bunch of nutters go up into the mountains and catch a wild goat. The goat is brought back to the town and and the “Queen of Puck”, traditionally a young school girl, crowns the goat “King Puck”. The royal goat is then put into a small cage on a high stand in the town centre for the duration of a three day party. The pubs stay open until 3.00 AM, which is a legal exception due to the fair as all bars in Ireland normally must close at 2.00 AM. The local police are not too too happy about this part but don’t complain about the overtime pay.

After many years shifting around Europe I’ve finally decided to “mostly” settle down and I honestly can’t think of a better location from a bikers point of view, or at least my view. I say mostly as my wonderlust is unlikely to fade and I will still share my time between Ireland and the continent. But my new base in Kerry is an incredible place to be a biker like myself with a passion for wild and remote mountain boreens to smooth sweeping coastline roads with haunting Atlantic views. Not to mention the ceol, caint agus craic (music, chat and fun) to be had in the pubs there.

The boreen roads of the Kerry mountains are an awe-inspiring place to ride..

I’ve been talking of this move for a while and dreaming of it for what seems a lifetime. Over these past 20 years I’ve lived and traveled in some incredible places and met many weird, wired and wonderful people, and not just those on two wheels suffering from wonderlust like myself. But through all that time I’ve felt an almost magnetic pull to someday settle on Ireland’s west coast.

What’s not to like?

So, from 2016 I’ll be available for guided, and custom self guided motorcycle tours along the Wild Atlantic Way for anyone interested, and I’ll always be available to help or advise on touring Ireland, the Alps, Pyrenees etc, what little I know I’m always happy to share. The RoadTrooper website will continue as is but with an extra twist ;)

Wild roads for wilderness loving bikers..

I’ve recently partnered with a brand new business venture, LemonRock Motorcycle Rental & Tours based out of The Brehon Hotel in Killarney. So now I can offer a one stop shop (website) for all things relating to motorcycle touring in Ireland – advice, custom guided tours with myself, self guided tours via advice, online guides and SatNav routes. And now the ability to rent out to those from further afield or short on time the perfect bike to ride some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful roads in Europe and experience the scenery, people and unique ancient culture of the west coast of Ireland.

The new LemonRock & RoadTrooper base outside The Brehon Hotel in Killarney

LemonRock Motorcycle Rental & Tours, will be based beside The Brehon Hotel in Killarney along with myself. So, quite literally you can fly in to Kerry airport, spoil yourself in the luxury of the Brehon Hotel and walk out the front door the next morning, jump on a GS and head into the Kerry mountains for a day or a full on tour of the Wild Atlantic Way, a 2,500km eye fest along Ireland’s Atlantic coastline. For more info on the Wild Atlantic Way read my guide here – Wild Atlantic Way Overview

We have also partnered with Keary’s Motorrad in Cork to give ye all the newest models available as well as The Brehon Hotel, the most luxurious biker friendly hotel we could think of to be able to offer a first rate experience.

This was my 1st look at the new base after riding up from Spain..

The aim is to be able to cater to all budgets, from top of the range bikes and accommodation to keep the wives happy, to guided and self guided tours in my own down to earth midrange style of fun 3 star style biker friendly inns and hotels.

Paul from LemonRock, a ceaseless power of energy and drive behind the venture..

So, if ye need to rent a BMW bike and get the full service or simply want to ride your own and just need some advice I’ll be here to help you get the best possible experience out of this brilliant and unique part of our world. And trust me when I say this, Irelands west coast should be on every red blooded bikers “must ride” bucket list, no matter what you ride, or how you ride, your only regret will be leaving this land and new friends behind.

New toys for ye all to rent out..

To be honest I’ve not been so excited about anything in a long time. Based in Killarney, just a short taxi ride from Kerry Airport we will be the first large BMW motorcycle rental company on Ireland’s west coast. The rental side of things is already open for business with a fleet of R1200GS’s, R1200R’s, and my personal choice of F800R’s and 700GS’s in a purpose built showroom on the grounds of The Brehon Hotel.

Myself and Tiernan from LemonRock

This new venture is also be FULLY BONDED – another first in Ireland and unique in this business as LemonRock is the only motorcycle rental company in Ireland to offer FULLY BONDED Rentals & Tours. So if you go through the expense of renting a motorcycle with us in advance of your trip you can book in confidence or even buy a gift voucher safe in the knowledge that your money is secured.

I love the 2015 paint job on the 700GS and for me probably the perfect choice for touring Ireland as it’s just so easy to ride..

The support for this venture has already been overwhelming and I’m constantly rendered speechless when I think how much this website, YouTube and Facebook page has grown since it’s beginning as a simple travel blog just four years ago. The level of support from readers, motorbike businesses across Europe, customers, fellow bikers, my wife and countless others never ceases to amaze me. I’m unimaginably grateful for this as it keeps me where I need to be – on a motorcycle and not in an office or back chefing in a hot kitchen. I’ll endeavour to continue to offer what service I can to all my two wheeling brothers and sisters which I plan to continue to grow, and for now at least, will be the following:

The services available on

  • FULLY BONDED BMW motorcycle rental and tours on Irelands west coast
  • A one stop shop for all things relating to motorcycle touring in Ireland, advice, custom guided tours with myself, self guided tours via advice, online guides and SatNav routes
  • Advice, online guides, and downloadedable self guided tours of France, Northern Spain, the Alps and Pyresees
  • An info dump for travel guides and trip reports – Contributors to this are always welcome so don’t be shy

The services available on RoadTrooper FaceBook Page

  • Questions & Answers
  • Regular Tour Updates
  • Trip photos
  • Point of contact and general mucking about

The services available on RoadTrooper YouTube Channel

  • Videos of some of the most amazing roads in Ireland, Alps, Spain and Pyrenees ;)

The spectacular Kerry coast

A new rental page will be up and running soon along with a booking and enquiry form, in the mean time for anyone interested in renting a bike or touring on Irelands west contact me directly in a form below.

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5 Responses to “RoadTrooper Teams up with LemonRock Motorcycle Rental & Tours on Ireland’s West Coast”

  1. Comberjohn says:

    All the best for the new venture, Denis.

  2. Fearmor says:

    It will be great to have you back in Ireland Denis and best of luck with your new venture.

  3. BytownBandit says:

    When I return to Ireland I will be sure to contact you and Lemon Rock.

    Ottawa, On Canada.

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