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In the upcoming few months RoadTrooper will be opening an online store with a range of branded and well-tested t-shirts. The first design available for a purchase is RoadTrooper – Wanderlust Motorcycle Therapy branded t-shirt. All proceeds to go towards the development of the new website and the repair of my beloved 2009 F800GS which now needs a proper mechanic, not a tool with a rusty spanner.

RoadTrooper – Wanderlust Motorcycle Therapy branded t-shirt

RoadTrooper – Wanderlust Motorcycle Therapy branded t-shirt with the stylized compass logo.

Price: €18.00 + P&P. Details

Sizes & Colours:
Light Graphite (L – XL – XXL)
Classic Olive (M – L – XL)

About the Product:

Printed on Super Premium Fruit of the Loom 205g/m² cotton for extra comfort and guaranteed not to be scratchy on your nipples. It will also make you more attractive to the opposite sex, make other bikers jealous and hide your beer gut, eh – to a point. This is a hard wearing T personally road-tested by a genuine bearded tattooed biker with the print brilliantly done by MonsterPress in the UK and the RT graphic designed by an award winning biker chick artist in a bikini.

Delivery & Postage
How to Order

Delivery & Postage:

Your t-shirt will be posted in a plastic postal bag weighing aprox 200 grams inc t-shirt. Standard postage cost is: Ireland nationwide €1.70, UK Mainland €3.70, European Union €3.70. For registered post I’ll email you back with the cost before I send payment link to confirm if you are still happy to pay registered postage costs. As I’m a busy boy all orders will be posted on Friday’s when I get into Killarney town for a few pints. Alternatively you can arrange to pick up the T here in Killarney – the best bikers town in Ireland ;)


All you have to do is open the TransferWise link I send and follow the simple instructions. You can choose to pay with credit card or directly from your bank account, it’s quicker than PayPal and cheaper if outside the Eurozone. A MasterCard transaction will cost aprox €0.08. I can also take PayPal, please specify in your request.

Transferwise Logo To secure your ability to look “the business” on your bike this summer get yourself one of these T’s by emailing me directly the information below. I will then email you a payment instructions including postage costs via TransferWise. For those not familiar with TransferWise it’s a simple and easy way to transfer funds bypassing banks exchange rates.

How to order:

To make your order, go to the Ebay Shop or copy & paste the following into your email and send it directly to

  • Your Name
  • T-Shirt Size
  • T-Shirt Colour – Light Graphite or Classic Olive
  • T-Shirt Quantity
  • Add-on RT Logo Decal – Yes/No
  • RT Logo Decal Quantity (€1 Each) – Details
  • Payment Method – TransferWise or PayPal
  • Postal Method – Standard or Registered
  • Your Postal Address logo decal: vinyl weather- and UV-resistant sticker.

Price: €1.00 + P&P. Details

70 x 70 mm

About the Product:
This is high quality vinyl decal sticker. It is weather- and UV-proof. The sticker is easy to peel off without leaving any marks of damaging the surface of your motorbike or panniers.

Delivery & Postage:
The sticker can be posted on its own. Standard delivery charges will apply. If you are buying a t-shirt, than the the sticker will be posted free of charge as an add-on item.

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