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Due to a recent “DOH!” moment whereupon my F800GSA fell over from it’s side stand where I’d stupidly left it during a storm I found myself in need of a new screen. Luckily the AdventureSpec F800GS Adventure Crash Bars did their job and absorbed most of the shock and protected the bike for the most part. Not so the screen however which received a terminal crack.

Storm Damage :(

For anyone over 5’9” with the F800GSA you’ll probably find like myself that the stock screen holds some room for improvement in that once you get the bike on the motorway the screen is too short resulting in your head being blown off. At the very least wind noise is an issue.

Wunderlich Ergo Screen Extension

Initially I resolved this by fitting the Wunderlich Ergo Screen Extension which at around €100 seemed a little expensive for a bit of plastic and a connector, but as it did a great job I was happy. But as I now had a badly cracked screen which fixed with superglue the weight of the Wunderlich extension was causing the fixed screen to break again. Long story short a new screen was needed.

To be honest I didn’t even bother pricing a new BMW screen for 4 reasons. Firstly it’s BMW so ‘d likely be looking at €300 at least, probably more. Secondly, why buy a screen which was not perfect to begin with? Thirdly I like many of you like to personalise my bikes to be at least a fair bit different from stock. And fourth, well like most blokes I hate shopping, except for anything bike related in which case I get as fired up as a teenage girl on her 1st shopping experience at TK Maxx.

Puig Touring Windscreen for the F800GSA

Unfortunately there are few manufacturers making parts for the BMW F800GSA, but Puig is one of those few and I had already got the Puig rear wheel mud/cain guard which does the job at a fair price. So with equal amounts of “lack of choice” and a positive view of Puig’s stuff so far I went and ordered the Puig Touring Windscreen for the F800GSA

The Puig screen on paper at least seemed a far better option than the stock BMW screen in that it’s adjustable, sliding up/down rails giving me a get level of protection set high for motorway speeds, or low depending on my mood or need. The Puig screen also promised a 45% aerodynamic wind protection based on tests performed in a virtual wind tunnel. Givi also do a screen for the F800GSA, but I hated the look of it and it’s not adjustable.

Nippy Normans stock the Puig screen but only the tinted screen version which personally I’m not too keen on. Tinted bubble or fly screens look great, however I’m not a fan on tinted touring screens that come almost to eye level. On dry sunny days they’re fine, but if you hit clouds on a mountain pass, on a narrow windy road at dusk or ride on motorway on wet winter nights you end up riding almost blind. Been there, done that, and no thanks, it’s a clear screen for me.

Anyway, I tracked down the clear Puig screen version and ordered it from in Germany which I’ve used a few times before. As always delivery was quick, I ordered on a Saturday and was fitting the screen by the following Friday at a total cost inc P&P of €213.47. It can also be found on / , etc.

Step 1, remove the old screen..

Fitting took less than 20 minutes to remove the old and fit the new with the help of my good wife as someone needs to hold the Puig screen while another fits the screws.

Step 2, install the fairing and shield rails..

So far I’m more than happy, adjusting the screen up/down is easy from the saddle, can’t be done on the move however. On it’s lowest setting it’s perfect for viewing the road immediately ahead or for trail riding.

Step 3, install the shield and play with the knobs..

Where it really stands out is in it’s highest setting where it comes right up to the bridge of my nose fully encasing me in an air bubble. At 110km/h I was well happy with my visor up (sun glasses on), there was no buffeting to my head or shoulders and almost no wind noise.

Step 4, set the shield height and ride your bike ;)

The screen itself seems really good quality, fairly thick and crystal clear. Without doubt the Puig screen wind protection is far better and more adjustable than the BMW screen / Wunderlich Ergo Screen combo.

Does the job and looks well to me anyway..

Are you better off going for the Ergo Screen Extension and keeping €100 in your pocket is another question entirely, I guess that comes down to how much spare cash ye have. All I can say is I had no choice but to buy a whole new screen and I’m happy with the outcome.

Rider view..

At the end of the day though the screen extension worked well for me too at half the price, one of which I now have uselessly decorating a shelf in my man cave if anyone wants to make a fair offer for it ;)

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4 Responses to “Puig Touring Screen Review for F800GS Adventure”

  1. Welsh Boy says:

    Hi Denis , I bought one of these screens for my 2013 GS not realizing it would not fit is there anyway you have heard off of fitting it to the standard GS800.
    Many thanks for a great review Ray Bibby.

    • Denis Smyth says:

      Hi Ray,

      Hmm, I dont think there is a way to fit it to a standard 800GS unless you get creative and figure out a way I don’t know of.
      I’ve had a look to see if could fit that screen on my old 800GS but the front ends of the 09 800GS I have and the 800GSA are actually fair bit different and I’m not seeing a way :(

  2. Welsh Boy says:

    Thanks for taking time out to look Denis .I’m off to the Pyrenees 1st of July for three weeks , thanks for all the Spanish Info you’ve put out there.

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