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Luis Motorrad enters the Irish market with it’s new website, and with the Brexit looming and Irelands access to the UK’s far larger motorcycle gear market in doubt this can only be good timing. Having already checked out the new irish Louis Motorrad website I have to admit for me at least, they’ve made it nice and simple, basically find what ye want and checkout with PayPal, simples.

For those who don’t know these guys here’s what it’s about. Louis Motorrad is a rather massive German motorcycle gear store, Europe’s largest trading company for motorcycle clothing and accessories in fact. The range covers more than 35,000 products from more than 400 brands offering high availability, fast and reliable delivery and an extensive range of services.

Not a lot of motorcycle shops out here in Kerry so I’m happy with this new and easy way to get more stuff ;)

Founded in 1938 in Hamburg, Germany as a small motorcycle workshop, the company grew to become Germany’s largest motorcycle dealer during the 1960s. Since 1996, Louis has focussed exclusively on the sale of motorcycle clothing and accessories.

Today, the company has more than 80 retail stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company headquarters in Hamburg has a logistics space of more than 50.000 m², which supplies customers all over Europe with up to 6.500 mail order packages daily, as well as supplying its retail stores with up to 450 euro-pallets every day in order to ensure a constant supply of available stock.

Long story short, it’s a safe bet they’ve probably got your size lol. Best of luck to their new venture, I hope they do well here.

Stay safe, Denis

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