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Not so long ago Louis Moto popped into my world and asked if I’d like to try some of their own brand gear. I love when I get offers like that as I’m a complete gear geek. While others are entertaining themselves watching some snoozefest on TV I’m typically glued to the Revzilla YouTube Channel [...]

If you or anyone you know intend to ride (or drive) in Spain one of the biggest danger hotspots are Spanish roundabouts. Even the Spanish seem confused on how to take them, add the massive herds of tourists and expats, each navigating them as they would at home and you have a recipe for potential [...]

Here is my slightly angry biker rant for this week! How many of you are likely to sign up for this highly questionable BMW safety option? I’m having a real hard time to see the value in it but first let me tell you what this is all about before I tell you why I’m [...]

Recently I had an extremely interesting and enjoyable day at the First Bike on Scene (FBoS) Emergency First Response training course. Like many folk, I’ve attended workplace First Aid training. And as a biker I’ve attended some form of advanced or extra motorcycle training skills, in my case one in France and another in Spain [...]