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By Eddy Smyth Day 7: 230 miles traveled Hours in the saddle: 8   Day 7 – Chateaugiron, Rohan, Josselin, Ploermel and off and away to Plélin-le-Gran   We decided to head east today. Chateaugiron got rave reviews in several reference books so it seemed a good choice for a nice run along more of [...]

By Eddy Smyth Day six: 70 miles traveled Hours in the saddle: 3   Isthmus on the Cȏte Sauvage to Quiberon   A relaxed breakfast before setting off in brilliant sunshine to the very tip of the Isthmus on the Cȏte Sauvage to Quiberon. Once we were out in the open the ocean on both [...]

By Eddy Smyth Day 5: 179 miles Hours in the saddle: 7 Another clear morning despite last night’s rain. We had planned several stops today. Keeping ahead of gathering clouds was part of the plan; heading ever southward might achieve that aim. Amongst all the other nice memories and sights we’d taken in at Huelgoat [...]

By Eddy Smyth Day 4: 87 miles traveled Hours in the saddle: 3   Paimpol and onwards to Perros Guirec on the Pink Granite Coast   We spotted a staircase that led down below the reception of the hotel to a breakfast room. It was very cloudy outside but dry enough to encourage us on [...]

By Eddy Smyth Day 3: 107 miles Hours in the saddle: 5   Exploring Dinan   After a light but perfectly adequate breakfast we wandered around the town once more, marvelling at the classic buildings and sharp squares that always look tidier than their UK counterparts. The older buildings in the old centre of town [...]

By Eddy Smyth Day 1: 172 miles Hours in the saddle: 5 You’ve heard of the tale of the Owl and the Pussycat. Well, this is a tale of somewhat different creatures but it seems appropriate that since it involves a Bulldog and a Blackbird, certain parallels can be drawn. However, it might be dishonest [...]