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I am not a real fan of the coast here, its crowded, over priced, polluted, seriously packed with tourists, car drivers are aggressive and the cops here seem to be worse then anywhere else. But in fairness I used to live here so have a different opinion than the normal biker just riding through.

My God I’m tired, it’s been a very long time since I’ve ridden a bike so far and the late nights and early starts are starting to get into my old bones, my pains have pains and my brain is on auto pilot. But my goal is in sight as I’ve decided to spend the [...]

Today I had planned to attempt 5 Cols “mountain passes” in one day, Col d’Izoard (2360m), Col de Vars (2108m), Col d’Allos (2247m), Col des Champs (2087m), and Col de la Cayolle (2328m). The plan being taking Cols Izoard and Vars to Barcelonnette, unloading the motorbike at the hotel I had booked and taking the [...]

It’s the 24th of May and today I’m going to take it easy as by this stage, with 1700+km since leaving Cherbourg I’m getting pretty knackered so I take a short 90km ride back into Italy and another bike-tastic road, the N25 up to Mont/Lac Cenis and back down into France.

I really did not want to leave, I loved the little town of Torgnon in the Aosta Valley and for me the little place I had stayed in was perfect, rustic, full of character and charm. If your ever up there it’s worth staying with them, I’ll insert the GPS location soon, but for now [...]

Friday, 21 May 2010 As I write this, eagerly awaiting my wild boar stew, I look out over the mountain vista where across from the restaurant the owner’s son tends his goats, the faint sound of their bells hinting at the desert of goats cheese to come. Jesus, I wonder if I am really here [...]

Thursday, 20 May 2010 A difficult day as I lost a screw on the GPS holding bracket so the GPS got a knock and somehow lost the maps I loaded for the route into Italy with the result being I had to use the old fashioned way of navigation. After more then a few wrong [...]

Wednesday, 19 May 2010 What a day, Normandy in early summer is amazing, blue skies, and green fields emblazoned with yellow flowers of rapeseed, the vibrancy of the colours almost a shock to the system after the grey seas of the journey over. Unfortunately I had little time to take photos as the route I [...]

The Oscar Wilde Tuesday, 18 May 2010 On the ship there is not too much to excite the traveler, food is over priced and mediocre but no surprise there. The real disappointment is the lack of entertainment; there are only a couple of bars / lounges with no entertainment apart from some washed up twat [...]

Starting from Tuesday morning (18-05-2010) I’ll be riding to Rosslare to catch the ferry to Cherbourg. From there I’ll be half on half off motorway to Avallon which is just north of Lyon where I will crash (hopefully not literally) for the 1st night.