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After a year away the world’s ‘coolest’ motorbike event is back and promising more crashes, splashes and Russian vodka shots than ever… If you’re looking for a biking adventure next year, how about riding 2000km over and around Planet Earth’s deepest lake? Lake Baikal in Russia is the oldest and deepest (it’s just over a [...]

Tour Route:This is a full on, 11 day, 12 night tour taking in some of the best roads Ireland has to offer as well as the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling in August. Start:Killarney on August 21st Finish:Killarney on September 2nd What is included: Prices include 11 days riding, 12 nights accommodation, SatNav with [...]

As another long cold winter comes to a close many you ye in northern Europe will looking to your next motorcycle adventure or just a simple cruise south in search of blue skies and a little headspace. If the Pyrenees or Spain is the direction your headed I’d highly recommend a little detour into your [...]

Luis Motorrad enters the Irish market with it’s new website, and with the Brexit looming and Irelands access to the UK’s far larger motorcycle gear market in doubt this can only be good timing. Having already checked out the new irish Louis Motorrad website I have to admit for me at least, they’ve made [...]

If you or anyone you know intend to ride (or drive) in Spain one of the biggest danger hotspots are Spanish roundabouts. Even the Spanish seem confused on how to take them, add the massive herds of tourists and expats, each navigating them as they would at home and you have a recipe for potential [...]

Here is my slightly angry biker rant for this week! How many of you are likely to sign up for this highly questionable BMW safety option? I’m having a real hard time to see the value in it but first let me tell you what this is all about before I tell you why I’m [...]