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By Eddie Smyth Today I changed back to being a lone rider following a route plan of my own making as I set off for County Wicklow for an overnight stop in a Mountain View retreat before meeting up with the ferry that brought me here to take me back to the UK.

I’ve had a number of motorcycles over the years with the bike I regret selling the most being a 1995 Kawasaki VN800A with a 21” front wheel, Cobra pipes and a load of chrome bolt-on’s it was my pride and joy. For the most part I’d do most of the servicing on those bikes. Nothing [...]

I’m more than happy to announce that RoadTrooper has it’s 1st official sponsor, Platinum Motorcycles in Bray, Co Wicklow (www.

This route starts just outside of Rathdrum simply because the stretch of road from here to Laragh is a great bit of crack if it’s quiet, there are a couple of really tricky turns on this road close to Rathdrum, you will know what I mean when you try them. Best to ride it slowly [...]

As a landscape photographer I get to spend a lot of time in the Dublin and Wicklow mountains and have gotten to know many of the most scenic back roads. So if you’re in the area why not check them out, as they are all within an hours drive from Dun Laoghaire port.